Our brands

At Samyork, we have a wide variety of private brands meticulously designed to meet the different preferences and needs of consumers in America and Europe.

Caraqueña Beer

Our international beer, produced in the European Union, captures the essence of Venezuelan tradition with a touch of innovation. With a striking design that pays homage to the culture and history of Venezuela, CARAQUEÑA is the perfect choice for beer lovers around the world.

Sangría Perquez

Authentic red wine sangria produced in Valencia, Spain, without the addition of preservatives. With a balanced refreshing flavor and just a touch of sweetness, PERQUEZ is ideal to enjoy on any occasion.


Delicious ready-to-drink cocktails, made with authentic Dominican rum and the best combination of colas. With a unique flavor and elegant presentation, TOMRON is the ideal option for those looking to enjoy a true Caribbean flavor anywhere.


The new ready-to-drink beverage option, made with high-quality European vodka and finely selected mixers. With irresistible and refreshing flavors, VODKICE is the perfect choice for those looking for a unique and authentic taste experience.

We Import and Distribute in Costa Rica

We are strategic allies in the import, distribution and promotion of brands from prestigious international firms in the Central American region.

Polar Beer

Venezuela’s leading beer and one of the most prominent brands in America. POLAR is a Pilsen-type beer with 4.5% alcohol, with extraordinary flavor and body, brewed at Cervecería Polar in Florida, USA, from where we import it.

Maltín Polar

Leading malt brand in sales with a wide global presence, MALTÍN POLAR is the most popular drink and has deep emotional roots for Venezuelans, being essential in their gastronomy worldwide.

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